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History of the hotel

Pierre Auguste Bouyer in 1893

Our great-grand father, whose ancestors were farmers in the French rural area of "Les Mauges", Pierre Auguste BOUYER and his wife Blanche established themselves in 1893, in the former Hôtel de France, just in front of the railway station, where the Hôtel d'Orléans currently is. At that time, the facilities of the hotel were quite basic: a candle, logs for the fireplace and water. In 1906 was erected the current building of the Hôtel de France with its Haussman-style façade, where the former firestation was. In 1911, Pierre Auguste Bouyer received the "Best Caterer" (Bon Hôtelier) award from the prestigious "Touring Club".

At the end of World War I, Jean took over from his father. He contributed in developping the facilities that Bernard BOUYER would successfully modernise later on with the opening of a gastronomic restaurant and a brasserie. To meet the customer demands and face the growing competition, business lounges and meeting rooms were created.

Vincent BOUYER is the current manager of the Hôtel de France, in charge of the accomodation and the administrative part . For over a century, the Hôtel de France has been a family business owned by the BOUYER family. His aim is to continue transmitting his values and know-how in a family-friendly environment.

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